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ARUBA – Oranjestad – Reina Beatrix Int'l Airport – TNCA

                  New FBO -  updated procedures are available to Members

FLIGHT PLAN:  from Grenada – A561 MTA CBC A552 NOL PBL W15 PNA G442 TNCA - 555 NM;  from Trinidad - A552 CUP CUM W12 BNA G443 CBC A552 NOL PBL W15 PNA G442 TNCA - 576 NM;

 route Refueling Stops:  Margarita Island,  Maturin Int'l, Maiquetia (Simon Bolivar Int'l - Caracas), Valencia.


    Gen Decs In:  2

    Gen Decs Out:  3

    Immigration Form:  available in terminal

    Passport:  or original birth certificate plus official photo ID


Fees in US Dollars:

    Customs Clearance Inbound: $16 ($24 Florins)

    landing:  $5.65 ($10.11 Florins)

    Parking: $.91 ($1.63 Florins)  About 4 cents an hour!

    Departure Tax (crew exempted): $27.50 per person


Fuel:  $4.25 (cash only)


Terminal:  Very modern facility; food and shopping.


After Landing:  taxi to general aviation parking (south side of runway); an airport shuttle bus will meet you plane side and ferry you to the main terminal.


PARKING-REFUELING PROCEDURES:  at $.91 parking per 24 hours, stay as long as you like; the fuel office is located on the general aviation parking ramp; the shuttle bus will swing by the office when you depart so you can arrange quick refueling.


ARRIVALS PROCEDURES:  Shuttle bus drops you and passengers at arrivals gate; follow signs to immigration (two escalators up and one down); present one GenDec to immigration; you will be asked to complete an additional form which duplicates to some extent the GenDec; also complete one immigration form per person; then proceed to customs window on far left of arrivals hall and pay arrivals clearance fee; then to customs inspection; present one GenDec; exit to street.

DEPARTURE PROCEDURES:   enter arrivals terminal and approach security desk at sliding doors for arriving passengers; even though a sign reads "do not enter this area," you may approach the desk and inform them that you are an outbound private flight; they will notify customs; proceed to the “restricted” customs door at the far right side of the arrivals terminal;  a customs official will open the door and you can present two GenDecs at the same window at which you paid the arrivals clearance fee; customs will return one stamped GenDec to you; return to the arrivals hall, turn right and proceed to the Non-U.S.  Departures Terminal;

The "passenger service" kiosk is located in the open area between arrivals and non-U.S.  departures; present one unstamped Gendec;  pay landing and parking fees; pay $27.50 US departure tax for passengers – crew does not pay; proceed up the red stairs to the flight plan office (at end of the balcony); submit flight plan (show receipt for landing/parking fees and stamped GenDec); use office phone to call for a weather briefing;

Down the steps to non-U.S. departure entrance; present stamped GenDec to immigration; pass through security and proceed to gate R1/R2; call for shuttle bus on phone behind gate counter (#242 for bus – #202 to call security to open door) and wait for bus to transport you to your aircraft (show driver your landing/parking receipt);  bus will drive to fuel office so you can request the fuel truck; cash only;

Request engine start clearance, flight plan and taxi.



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