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EVERYTHING you need to know about flying to the Bahamas and Caribbean Islands - and it pays for itself!  SAVE on fuel, hotels, survival gear, charts, fees, and Cuban Overflight Permits.

1. comprehensive pre-departure checklist

2. fueling options and current fuel prices

3. up-to-date, step-by step entry & exit procedures for all major airports in the Bahamas and Caribbean

4. required fees and documents (with completed examples)

5. U.S. and foreign customs procedures

6. FREE Cuban overflight permits

7. access to the specific charts you need

8. plus Island photos and Front Seat Approach Videos.



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The site is "live" and updated continuously.  If you fly a Cessna 172 with standard tanks, or an equal or higher performance aircraft, you can make your dream a reality.  It's easy and you'll have the flying experience of a lifetime!  We know because Caribbean Flying Adventures has logged over 1,500 hours to 103 different Island Airports in the past six years!

Preview the "Caribbean Checklist," the "Sample Adventure" and fly the front seat in the "Video Adventure"  to appreciate the benefits of "Member Services."


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