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6 man raft - I cannot thank you enough.  The girlfriend is in awe.  I'm so glad we ran into you and went to your seminar at Oshkosh last summer.  We look forward to traveling the Caribbean and gulf area with your guidance and expertise. December 2017

Landed & spent 5 days North Eleuthrea.  Then Matthews Town fuel stop and landed Punta Cana.  No problems. Thank you for educating us and making International lying a dream come true.  Sept 2017

Jim & Marge, we thank you both for arranging a most interesting adventure to Cuba. Without you & Caribbean flying adventures Robin & I would never have flown OUR plane, not only to Cuba, but other great countries. We will all have cherished memories. March 2017

Thanks for a great trip to Cuba.  We had a great time.  Your planning and execution were fantastic.  Things could not have gone more smoothly and the program you selected was great. My personal favorites were the classic car ride and the sky diving (my video came out great).  Restaurant selection and food were wonderful. February 2017

Thanks again Jim.  Another reason to use your flying service exclusively - so much value added.  Feb 2017

Perfect. You saved me money again.  I owe you. (No handler required.  This is a tiny airport.  Just bring you GenDecs and a departure flight plan.  Piece of cake.) Jan 2017

You make flying to the islands easy. Flying here in my BE58 was a breeze, even had fun with the Cuban controllers practicing my Spanish and wishing them Feliz Navidad.  You saved me a couple of hundred dollars by me clearing customs my self and self handling.  Jan 1, 2017

Jim, We made the flight to MKBS without any issues at all. The people treated us very well as customer and Immigration was a breeze. This was actually the easiest Caribbean flight I have had and I have had a few. Again, I just want to thank you for everything. Dec 29 2016

We can't rave enough about the fabulous job you did arranging the trip. Your flight arrangements were wonderful, especially considering that we changed departure times today.  Ricardo was unbelievable, the attention and care he showed us was more than our own relatives give us when we visit. Our accommodations were way beyond our highest expectations, the couple that hosted us were the greatest. Thanks for an absolutely PERFECT trip!  Dec 22 2016

Cuba - Thank you for arranging an amazing trip!  What a great experience and opportunity for all of us. We loved our hosts. They felt like family and their place was terrific. It was very clean and they were extremely hospitable. I was alarmed when I first saw the building - but of course most of Cuba's building are no longer in good shape.  Their place was great!  Dec 12, 2016

Thank you for the help, Jim!  Contact made and it looks like a go for the trip.  You are a fantastic resource.  Dec 2016

Flying into a new place always has issues but having someone to ask questions is exceptionally helpful.  Nov 2016

Thank you for helping me plan and execute such an EPIC journey to Cuba and the Bahamas!  The trip was everything I wanted.   Even considering how last-minute the whole trip was, everything was flawless.  Feb 2016

Whew. Thanks Jim.  Your website was one of the best investments I ever made.  June 2015

Thanks. Nobody knows this stuff like you.  May 2015

FYI I had a great trip to Grand Cayman, really glad I contacted you as it made the whole thing easy.  March 2015

Cuban Overflight Permit.  I will fwd this to the pilots. Great, quick service as always.  Nov 2014

Just to thank you for your recommendation. Caribbean Maintenance in San Juan was a gem and got me in the air again with no hassles ad not costing an arm and a leg.  That alone has more than paid my membership.  Thank you for providing such a valuable resource.   July 2014

Had a great trip, with your help.  Thanks for being there. Your intel is most helpful for planning. Being able to call you is the Ace in the Hole for comfort. If I didn't live in Los Angeles, I would go more often.  May 2014

Cuban Over Flight Permit:  "Thanks Jim, It was seamless and painless. The folks at Island Air at Cayman Brac recommended you and now I see why. I'll make sure to contact you on the next one!"  April 2014

Thanks for the midnight hour help. You always come through for us (Cuban Over flight Permits).    March 2014

Jim; good work, you are already saving me money!   March 2014

Cuban Overflight Permit:  Well Jim, it is easy to understand why you're getting a ton of business. I am 100% satisfied with your excellent service.  March 2014

I want to thank you for your help yesterday, in helping us to obtain the Cuban permit.  I would also like to commend you on the precise, and expeditious service that you provided us.  Excellent service, thank you.  We will definitely use you again in the future.  Feb 2014

Thank you for the great Cuban over flight permit service. Thanks you again for handling it so smoothly and expeditiously.  Jan 2014

Jim was a great help making my Grand Cayman trip "painless".  Dec 2013

You are the man! Thanks for your help (Cuban over flight permit).  Looking forward to a relaxing stay in the Caymans!  Nov 2013

So I’m ready to do it again.   Thanks to Caribbean Flying Adventures.    Nov 2013

Just wanted to say thank you for all the help and info. Trip went great and your information was spot on! Really appreciate it!  North American Jet.  Oct 2013

After reading your site and a quick phone call, I had the confidence to point east and leave the USA behind.  Steve.  August, 2013

I write this from CA, and yours is the only membership I bought for my last trip. Being able to call you meant a lot to me.  July 2013

Thx for making it EASY, Jim.  So much easier than dealing with the Mexicans!  No hitches, smooth as glass.  Cuban over flight permit July 2013

One tool that I have been using extensively and must give due credit: Jim Parker of Caribbean Flying Adventures. Jim's website has a WEALTH of information that he constantly updates, including current fuel prices, videos of the approaches to the Island runways AND detailed instructions on where/what/who/how/(fill-in blank) to enter/exit a country with minimum hassle.  Also, besides using e-mail, you can call Jim DIRECTLY on the telephone, and he will answer the phone.  Caribbean Flying Adventures is a website portal we are using to plan all of our stops on our '2013 Caribbean Flying Adventure'. I've met Jim at OSH on several occasions, and if you were at Sun 'n Fun this year, you too may have met him!  Jim Parker is a real person: He's not a book.  April 2013

Many thanks for all the information and advice over the months as we planned our trip.  April 3, 2013

Good Morning Jim, Just arrived in Naples, Florida from Grand Cayman.  Your assistance made my trip a pleasant success. Thanks. Flying Dental Association March 21, 2013

Got back from Caribbean trip  last Saturday.  Thanks for the information that helped to make the trip a success.  Feb 4, 2013

I met you last year when I flew a Cessna 172 from Seattle to Oshkosh, and now I'm flying the same Cessna to my country, Brazil. I'm 25 years old and have a bit over 300hrs. The information I get from you has been immensely useful. Nov 2012

Your info proved flawless for my travels last weekend.  I saved $500 and received excellent service.  Thank you.  Sept 2012

I have been using you service for a few years now, and I am always happy with your service, and your speed at which you reply to questions. July 2012

We really enjoyed your presentation at Sun 'n Fun. It gave my wife and I lots to look forward to and you can expect to hear more from us. May 2012

Thank you Jim... Fantastic Service and Support! Will recommend to any and all!  April 2012

Just a note to advise that our short trip to Gr Cayman went very smoothly in large measure to the Cuba Permit...thanks...and the excellent information on the procedures there.......I appreciate it.  March 2012

25 countries in 6 ˝ days.  Your website and follow-up guidance was key.  Thanks for the advice and prep material.  Couldn’t have done it without you.  March 2012

Our trip to Puerto Rico and back is complete...thanks for your great help and information. The memories and sense of achievement will last forever. Once again, thank you, and happy new years! Jan 2012

Claudia and I would like to thank both of you very much for a wonderful trip experience; We had had a lot of fun, met a lot of very nice people and have memories that will last a long time. We will for sure be on one of your trips soon again, maybe the Cayman's in February - Bahamas Fly In Nov 2011

Jim, thanks for all your help.  You provide all of us a great service with the website.  Lots of wonderful information - October 2011

So tonight I did the old Google and came across your information.  I have never been inspired to fly like this before.  I just wanted to say thank you for what you are doing for GA and congratulate you as the Dominican “goodwill ambassador”.  I will be joining your website and joining you on adventures - July 2011

I will definitely join your club when I get back on the 12th whether I bring my 172 to Grenada or not. You've got a great site! - June 2011

A thank you for making my trip to Cat Island so smooth. Your website and emails provided a clear and simplified first time novice to operate easily. - June 2011

Thanks Jim.  I have always valued this membership and feel that it is one of the best bargains and resources out there. -  April 2011

I had never considered a trip to the Caribbean until I attended your talk at Air Venture last year.  That has inspired me to take this trip.  Thanks again for all of the help. - April 2011

I just arrived from a trip to Grand Cayman  via an overflight permit thru your company.  Everything went exceptionally smoothly, and I believe the information garnered thru your web site had much to do with it.  In fact I will be using your web site this evening to my plan my trip to Turks and Caicos for tomorrow morning.  Once again thank you. - April 2011

 Your website is great and helpful.  I have learned a lot from it.  Thanks in advance. - Nov 2010

The trip to Grand Cayman Island went great.  Your write up was all I needed. - August 2010


Your web site just paid for itself about 25 times over (literally). Thanks again for the ($500) advice.  Nice Service! - June 2010


Jim, just browsed the site for the first time, we spoke earlier, I am the guy with the Baron.

Great site!!! Good job!!! - Jan 2010


We are back from the Caymans.  It was an enjoyable trip.  This was my first time to fly out of the country.  I want to thank you for all your help and patience in answering my questions.  We didn't really have any problems thanks to the info on your website. - Jan 2010

Thanks Jim, As always being a member of Caribbean Flying Adventures is the best 

value in flying. To have that kind response in that period of time is unmatched. I can fly the Caribbean with a tremendous amount of knowledge and confidence knowing I have CFA just an email away. - Dec 2009


Jim, You are a rare thing these days: someone who knows his area stone cold,

makes great information available to people who need it, and delivers what

he says he will, promptly and efficiently. - Dec 2009

Jim, just a note to thank you for your service.  Our latest trip to the Cayman Islands was just great. - Dec 2009


Your service is helpful and cost effective.  I sure like your personal coaching most of all. - Nov 2009

Just want to take a few moments to thank you for your support, dedication and efforts for the flying community.  Without your help, I would never have made the solo trip to the Caymans. - Oct 2009


Thank you again and please keep up the good work.

This is our third trip to the Bahamas, and your website is invaluable. - May 2009


Thanks for the Sun N Fun seminar. I got a level of confidence about flying
my Cherokee 180, if you can go in a 172 RG I think I can in the PA-28 180.
Looking forward to flying with you! - April 2009

You have built an excellent site, full of great info. In my research online, I found your site, and it has been really useful. -  Mar 2009

Abaco got us all hooked last year. We have 4 planes going this year!  Sure glad we talked with you at Oshkosh two years ago! - Jan 2009

406 Update Thanks for sending and updating me, I live in Key West 1/2 the year and go to the islands on a regular basis, I actually ordered a 406 from the avionics shop ($1.000.00+ install) when the AOPA article came out I'm calling and cancelling it today and just using my portable 406 hooked to my raft.   Thanks again I really appreciate all your hard work  - Dec 2008

Jim,  what a great service your are providing.  I  have always gotten my permit thru the caymans aviation office, which took much more time and effort, with none of the side benefits that caribbean flying adventures provides.  Thanks a bunch - Nov 2008

I found your website ; got the information from you and did my own ICAO flight planning plus obtaining a handler in St Maarteen . Thanks to your simple , but , thorough information , the flight came off without any surprises or problems - June 2008

The flight was incredible, and thanks to you, I had all my paperwork organized - June 2008

Thanks.  We just returned from a 10 day vacation in Grand Cayman.  The trip over in our SR-20 was a piece of cake.  The Cuban overflight was exactly as you described - no surprises..  We whisked through customs and immigration with the forms supplied on your website.  Thanks for all the help and the insight - May 2008

Thanks, had a great heli trip from Hartford CT to Virgin Gorda and back.  Your info was helpful.  See you at Sun n Fun - February 2008


Just got back from Stella Maris and Puerto Plata.  Your checklists and paperwork worked great


Really like your site.  I use Baja Bush Pilots for information on Mexico trips and yours looks every bit as good for flying to the Caribbean -December 2007


Your web site and Cuban overflight permit made our flight to Cayman Brac easy. Glad you made it so simple.  I would not have gone otherwise - November 2007


I just got back from my 1st Bahamas trip. Wanted to say thanks for your website its helped alot.  I flew by myself following another pilot who has been alot and I seemed to have more of the correct info than him - September 2007.

Went to your forum at OSH and really enjoyed it. Talked to you and your wife at your booth.  Looking forward to a Caribbean trip Dec or Jan.  Thanks for a great website - Aug 2007

I don't know how you get your updates so timely, but you really do stay  on top of things - July 2007


Your site was invaluable for our brief but wonderful trip to Anguilla! - April 2007 


Thanks, already downloaded quite a lot of info from your site. You're right, membership pays itself back - April 2007 Aruba


Glad to be in your group and looking forward to utilizing the info.  Your site and program are outstanding, and as one who has flown there, I appreciate the help - March 2007


Your site was absolutely just what I needed to plan my trip around the Caribbean.  I had researched the web a lot and never found what I needed until I came upon your site.  It was the best reference I found and would recommend it to anyone - Feb 2007


The wife and I just returned from a great trip to Caribbean and I wanted to thank you for helping to make it much more relaxed and enjoyable - December 2006

I will be flying from FXE to Brazil next week.  Your site has been very useful.  Keep up with the good job - September 2006

The Web site is awesome. My wife and I are Caribbean fans. We have chartered sailboats and sailed there on our own boat, now sold in favor of a recently bent Cessna 172S, 2003 vintage.  Thanks for providing this service.  My wife likes being at places (outcome) and I like going there (process). Traveling the Caribbean in our own airplane may fill both our needs.

I must say your website is absolutely fantastic.  I would recommend it to anyone.  The subscription more than paid for itself in fuel charges/landing fees that we avoided paying.  We Stopped in Great Inagua on the way back.  The general store there was very accommodating.  I called them the day before and they were there on the spot when we landed.  The customs officials were helpful too.  Of course the phone doesn't work in the office but having a SAT phone solved that problem.  

Having flown the Caribbean in a Boeing 737 as a pilot for AA,  this trip was a great flying experience.  Hopefully others can have a great experience with your information. - July, 2006

.  .  . your knowledge and information was absolutely invaluable in preparing for our first flight.  We will definitely keep up with our subscription to your website.

What a great web site. I am actually leaving on Jan 20 from Ct to Fl to Aruba and to Panama and back to Tucson by Central America.  I actually have been looking for months for info on flying yourself to Aruba and the only real good info I found was in buying Caribbean Pilots Guide.  It is good but just did not have all the info I felt I needed. One day last week I decided to look one more time in Google and for some reason found your site.  Don't know why I did not see it months ago.  Would have saved a lot of concern about airports I wanted to visit. Your teaser on Aruba was perfect for me.

Your site was recommended by Banyan Air Service.  By far it was very helpful and the price of the fuel was right on.  We most definitely saved the cost of the membership at least 3 times by not fueling at the expensive places -June 2006

What a marvelous site and content!  Congratulations.  And thank you for keeping it up to date.

Thanks again for all of your help.  It really would have been a jungle to figure all of this stuff out without your guidance.

Your web site made us prepared. The trip would be much more difficult without your help. We  plan on doing this again now that we understand the benefits and problems.

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